Monday, February 8, 2010

Benefits of Homeschooling

Education is one of the important branches of our society. When were just a kid we always been told to go to school. Our parent always said that we need education and have a degree in order to survive in this society that we have. Many of us thought that there are only two type of school its either public or private schooling. But many of us now a day are going for homeschooling. Home school have lots good benefits and advantage over the traditional educational methods offered through any of our public school and some of them are the following.
  • A study shows that the public school systems have not met the needs children with it comes to their educational standard. At homeschooling parents are allows to select the exact lesson plan or curriculum that they think is best for their children. While many public schools teach students subjects which are academically irrelevant or are it best left for the parents to teach.
  • In public school there are many students and only one teacher or professor. And because of that teacher are having a hard time focusing on each and every student. This makes them accidentally ignore some of the student who is not that active to participate. While in homeschooling parent or tutors are only focus on one or two student. They can always see which subject or student is in need for additional attention.
  • Homeschooling can control the learning mechanisms which allow the student’s specific interest and desire to grow, while continuing to provide a challenging level of learning that will keep the student learning ability to increase.
  • Students are provided with good learning tools such are books like workbooks and wordly wise books. Student are given activates using this kind of tools and parents or tutors can easily check it for any wrong answers. With this kind of situation student and parent or tutor can easily see which subject is in need of much attention.
  • Some students are born gifted and do well with all subjects that are being taught to them. With homeschooling students are given more challenging subject to improve their knowledge. Gifted homeschooled student are able to pursue their interests and development without the time constraints or curriculum limitations that are presents in the traditional learning environment.
  • Most student who go to any traditional learning environment do see moral and religious subject quiet boring that they didn’t give any attention to those subject. With homeschooling any parent and tutor can easy give books or any Christian Entertainment to make this subject more interesting to students.
  • Homeschooling also give good relationship between parents and their children. Because of the time and attention a parents as their children tutor can easy make them bond closely. Plus the parent and see the need and attention of each of their children on any subject that their having.
  • Excessive school bullying is a serious problem to some schools and it is a hard problem to resolve. In some cases like this homeschooling had been the solution to this kind of problem. A child who had been a victim of this kind of problem can undergo into homeschooling to bring back their focus on learning while giving a close parental guidance needed to overcome this kind of situation.

There are lots more benefits of homeschooling and a lot more ways that home school can be accomplished today. Some parents use available textbooks while some use the structured curriculum. Others combine this thing with their own teaching while others teach each lesson completely using their own resources. We can all see that this kind of education process is completely flexible. It can be changes to the student’s needs and can also me increase as to how high the knowledge of a student has. There are many considerations to be made when choosing to home school, but for many, homeschooling has been a good choice that has proven to benefits both children and parents relationship with each other.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No one is an island

As my day end on my usual life. I suddenly feeling the loneliness. When i got home, turn the Television on and seat on my couch. I look around and no one is around only me. Yeah! I been living alone i guess 5 months already. I do have a social life. I do go out talk to some friends outside. But on that time i felt so lonely. So i when to my fridge and get a bottle of beer and told myself i will get drunk so i can go to sleep and pass the loneliness i am feeling. I did finish the whole bottle of beer. And still the feeling of loneliness is still inside me. I did text my best friend to see if she is not busy but she didn't respond so that's mean she is busy. Well she will be she always have a family of her own unlike me. I do have a Boy friend but he is 600 miles away from me. And i don't have a Visa or can afford a plane ticket to see him. Oh! what a life it is. No good show on the television so i turn it off and just over my Mp3 and listen to is. Then i started dancing. But still dancing alone is not enjoyable. And i do felt like I'm crazy. And as i when back to my couch i thought of the phase i always see that saying " No one is an island" And i told myself yeah it is true. In some part of my life being alone i do feel OK and i do like it but there some part of my life that i wish i have someone. A partner that will always be there when i open the door when i got home. Someone to talk and listen to my opinion. Or someone to tell me hey! what you did was bad. I miss a lot of people. Miss my mom, my sister, my best friend, and my fiance. But at that time all of them are so far away.
I really don't know what else is still missing why am i still alone. But i guess i will surpass it. And think of it as an ordinary day of my lonely life!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things change

As i prepare my bed last night i suddenly realize that there's a lot of things that did change to my life. Before i only sleep in the floor with a mat, but now i do sleep in a nice bed with lots of pillows. Before if i want to eat something i really got to beg to my mom and dad for some money. But now that I'm grown up and have a nice job i can buy what i want. Lots of things really do change physically and emotionally. Before I'm always too worry about a lot of things and i always get hurt with just a simple things so easily. But now i see lot of things in a mature way. I didn't get too emotional when there are some things that happened that i didn't like. Things really do change in lot of ways even if its good or bad. I guess getting to lots of experience do help it deciding if we will do thing in good or bad way. Some say change are for the best. For me i guess it is really for the good. I'm sure life will be so boring doing or having the same thing over and over again. Even though sometimes we do look bad the past and wish we still have some of the best part of it. We got to see the reality that the past is past already and we all got to look forward to the future. Life is not like a computer that if there something wrong you can fix it or reformat it to make it go back to what it was the first time. Although life is in someway like a computer that you can back up the important file. You can back all the important things and happenings in your life in your memory, if you have a good memory though. But if what had happened is really a big thing for you I'm sure it will be in your memory forever.
I really don't know if its true that when you die you did lose all the memory in your life, i wish it wasn't true. And that memories do stay specially all the good things that had happened. I guess it did stay because there are time that we felt a dejavu, like we are in a same place already even if we knew from our self that we just got to that place. Or sometimes we feel that we are an reincarnation of someone so popular long time ago. I guess the memory of our previous life do come hunt us.
When we grow and mature we see things in a different way. Changes really do good things to other people but to some it did something bad too. I hope what had change in your life are all in a good way. And even if sometimes you wish you can get back the time, i guess you have to move on and try to fix things if possible or just get over all the pity stuff and live with it.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Had you ever dream that you are flying. Probably have wings or you just happened to know you can fly and by just tipping your toes on the floor and bounce you just stay up in the air and fly. And as you fly you feel you got to stay up in the air because there's lots of bad creature who will grab you if you get too low to the ground. You are so scare that you felt you got to stay up in the air to survive. And that you need to find your safe place. A place where nobody can harm you and all those bad creature cant get in to get you. But that safe place is so far for your to see. And as you travel your way too look for it, with lots of obstacle on the way. Suddenly you then see it in the horizon. A place where you can feel peace and calm. A serenity place for you to stay and you wont worry about anything. Then as you stay there you see all the people who you love. People who really care about you people who you knew already past away but is now there to stay. To stay with you to guard you and keep you safe. I know its really sound strange. But its a dream, and in a dream anything do come true. Anything can happened, all the impossible will be possible. I guess all of you will say i do have a very wide imagination. Well lot of people say i do specially when i told them about my dream. Some even say they really don't dream much or they really cant remember what there dreams are all about. Well i guess i do have a good memory. I mean i really do... I do remember lots of things that happened in my life that i can still tell story about it.
I guess dream always happened to all of us. Even to babies they do dream. Its our unconscious mind that give the wonder. And i am so happy that dream do exist. Because with dream i can fly. I can have things i want. I can have the house i like of the cool car i want. with all of the expensive and cool accessories a car can have. And even if i really don't know how to ride a car. In my dream i can be a pro or a race driver. Someone who is extremely skills in driving all the expensive car i can dream of. Or i can be the most popular person in the world. A super model, an actress or a singer perhaps.
We can all dream about everything. And a good things about dream is its always for free. All you need to do is have a wild imagination and a good memory so that you can enjoy it when its done!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Journey

Hello and welcome to my world. Maybe some of you will wonder what is this blog is all about. Well its all about everything. From movies, music, books, our hobbies, our likes and dislikes. Things we do but would take for granted. Things we don't usually do and things we wish we did. Our life is like a two way street with lots of obstacle on the way. And we need to drive our own car. In our life we need to feel like where on a car race. That we need a fast car with genuine parts and accessories so that we can be first at the finish line. We have to be not only a good driver but a great driver. For it is us who is on the wheel of our life. We always need to be cautions on which path to choice. And we ever we choice one we always hope that it will be the right way and not a dead end. It will be fun to write about anything that goes under the sun. The ups and downs of the life we choice. Ever wonder why sometimes we are too busy looking at our way we seems to notice there's something on our shoestring and we didn't even notice it. Best things are sometimes just under our nose and sometimes we forgot to look closer first before looking farther away. I hope you join me in my journey. A journey to this path i am driving. Be seated at the passenger seat buckle up and enjoy the ride.